Welcome to Black Women Watch. A series devoted to exploring the array of all things film from a black woman’s perspective. Hosted by Tishon Pugh, each season explores a different genre of film, with every episode critiquing one film in-depth with the occasional guest.

A 5EPN Original.

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BWW Show Trailer

Trailer for "Black Women Watch..." A New 5EPN Original, hosted by Tishon Pugh.

"Hello To The Green" (Prospect, 2018)

On Ep.1 of BWW: Tish kicks off a season dedicated to Sci-Fi with underrated contemporary gem, "Prospect".

"A For Alien" (Attack The Block, 2011)

On Ep.2 of BWW: Tish heads over to the UK to talk about a contemporary classic unlike anything else, "Attack The Block".

"Captain On The Bridge" (Star Trek: Into Darkness, 2013)

On Ep.3 of BWW Sci-FI Season: A look into "Star Trek: Into Darkness" and Star Trek as a whole, with the show's first guest!

"Dodge This" (The Matrix, 1999)

On Ep.4 of BWW: Tish looks at the classic cyberpunk, culture-shifting tour de force "The Matrix".

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